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Teacher's Book

Each Level of the Team Up in English course comes with a Teacher’s Book and the two class CDs containing all of the listening material from the Student’s Book.
Each teacher’s book contains:

• Tables of contents
• Introduction to the methodology and guide to programme planning; 
• Information relative to the Common European Framework of Reference as                well as outside Certifications such as Trinity and Cambridge
• Teacher’s notes for each unit
• Answer keys for the exercises and the audio scripts for the Workbook
• Audio scripts which are not included in the Student’s Book
• Suggestions for extra activities
• Reference markers for Common European Framework (CEFR) indicators;                for interdisciplinary activities (CLIL); for Civic Education activities, for Trinity and Cambridge examinations
•Cross references to the Workbook, Personal Toolkit, Tests and Resources.

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Tests and Resources

Team Up in English Tests and Resources is a support tool for the teachers, presented in two volumes,
both of each comes with Audio CD. Each volume contains the following photocopiable material which can
be used in class:

• Evaluation grids to mark each student’s progress
• Formative and summative evaluation tests
• Reinforcement Worksheets
• Folder Grammar Extension Worksheets
• Culture Spot Tests
• CLIL Worksheets
• PT Pictionary Worksheets
• Audio scripts and answer keys for the Tests and the Worksheets

CD-Rom Test Maker

The CD Rom Test Maker allow the teacher to intervene and change the tests, adapting the program to the specific needs of the classes. At the end of each test the answer key and audio scripts are available.

The CD Rom Test Maker contains the Evaluation tables and the following tests in doc format Microsoft ® Word ®:
• Entry Test
• Unit Tests
• Folder Skills Tests
• Culture Spot Tests