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Four-level version
Starter + 3-level version

The Student’s Book of Team up (levels 1-4 and Levels 1-3 of the Starter version) is divided into 4 folders. Each folder is subdivided into 3 units.


The Student's Book

The Starter Volume present the same structure without Skills, CLIL and Curiosity Corner pages.

Two double page spreads of Input: Lexis/ functions.
The Unit opens with a large photograph and the first language input consists of a dialogue (or more frequently a reading passage in the second and third volume). In this section one or two of the unit’s functions are presented along with some elements of vocabulary. In the pages that follow, work is done on the lexis and functions, and concludes with a personalised activity where the students can try out their new language. The second double page spread follows the same layout as the first, but offers a greater quantity of exercises as well as a pronunciation activity. The workbook contains a section that corresponds to the lexis and functions of the two units.

Grammar Focus
The double page spread of grammar in the Student’s Book guides the student towards discovering and constructing the rules before putting them into practice straight away with functional exercises. From these pages, the students can move on to the Workbook for further practice and, having exhausted the subject, follow the directions to the Personal Toolkit Grammar for consultation of the valid rule and to complete further consolidation exercises.

Curiosity Corner (third unit of the folder)
A double page “fun” spread, rich with ideas for discovering the reality of the English speaking world and come closer to authentic language.
At the end of each folder the Check Your Progress pages contain language revision exercises which enables the student to take stock of their progress and prepare themselves for the end of unit test.

Skills (first unit of the folder)
A double page spread which follows a gradual path of skills with varied and authentic activities. From the outset the students become familiar with exercises in the style of the KET and Trinity exams.

CLIL (second unit of the folder)
A double page spread, rich with reading and activities, that offers its own separate didactic path to explore subjects other than the English language. Further activity and reading sheets are to be found in the Tests and Resources book.

Culture Spot (special section at the end of theStudent’s Book)
Four themes of a more traditional nature which pay special attention to cultural comparisons.
Each section contains reading passages and activities. This is a self contained section and offers more flexibility to the teacher who is free to choose “if and when” to insert it into the programme. More activity sheets are to be found in the Tests and Resources book.

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The Workbook
The Workbook contains further exercises for revision and to reinforce the concepts presented in the Student’s Book. In every unit there are skills activities in order to progressively develop the autonomy of the student. Particular emphasis is given to listening ability.
The Student’s CD offers listening exercises and also the audio version of the reading section.
The Study Tips give the students strategies to develop their learning ability outside of the classic classroom situation.

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Readers with Audio CD
Levels 1, 2 and 3 include a Reader with audio CD to develop reading and listening skills.
The website www.teenbeat.cc contains lots of extra games, activities and informations on the stories plus a Teacher's Resource Centre with lots of practical ideas and suggestions on using the books in class.